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Our modelling and optimisation tools

lundi 2 février 2015, par Vincent MAGNIN

For 20 years, we have developed in Fortran electrical and optical models and optimization methods useful in optoelectronics. They have been tested and validated in numerous Ph.D. thesis or industrial contracts (see J. HARARI and V. MAGNIN papers), on various devices (photodiodes, phototransistors, waveguides, optoelectronic switches, etc.)

Electrical models

- Drift Diffusion model : 1D.
- Energy model : 1D.
- Poisson’s equation : 2D.
- Auston model for photoswitches.

Optical models

- Modal analysis : 1D, 2D.
- TE/TM Finite Difference Beam Propagation Methods : 2D, 3D (straight or curved).
- Bragg mirrors.
- 3D Ray Tracing. See Ray Tracing Simulations of Reflections on Textured Solar Cells.

Optimisation methods

- Genetic algorithms : monoprocessor or parallelized. See Optimisation et algorithmes génétiques.
- Monte Carlo.
- Simulated Annealing.