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How to make research software citable ?

vendredi 27 janvier 2017, par Vincent MAGNIN

Developing research soft is a hard task that often lacks recognition in the academic world. But things are slowly changing.

An interesting paper on that subject :
Laura Soito, Lorraine J Hwang, "Citations for Software : Providing Identification, Access and Recognition for Research Software", International Journal of Digital Curation, Vol 11, No 2 (2016), doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i2.390.

The two main solutions are :
1) writing a "software paper" and generally deposit your software in the journal repository,
2) or just obtaining a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

Publishing a Software paper

This page lists journals where you can publish your software :

If your software is domain specific, you will probably find the suited journal.

if your software is more domain independent (a computing library for example), you can look at :
- the Journal of Open Research Software. A fee is encouraged but not compulsory. Read this author review of this journal.
- Elsevier SoftwareX. Open Access with a 500 USD publication fee.
- Hindawi Scientific Programming. Open Access with a 1750 USD publication fee.
- ...

Obtaining a DOI

- the Journal of Open Source Software. You just fill metadata about the software and the review process concerns only the software. No publication fee. Open Access.
- the tools proposed by GitHub :