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A Graphical User Interfaces entirely written in Fortran

gtk-fortran 16.04 released

GTK+ / Fortran 2003 binding

jeudi 23 juin 2016, par Vincent MAGNIN

gtk-fortran is a GTK+ / Fortran binding based on the ISO_C_BINDING module for interoperability between C and Fortran, which is a part of the Fortran 2003 standard. It means that you can create Graphical User Interfaces entirely written in Fortran. Although gtk-fortran development is mainly focused on Linux, some users have also built it successfully under BSD, Mac OS X, Windows 7.

gtk-fortran offers interfaces to around 10000 GTK+ 2 and GTK+ 3 functions (GTK, GDK, GdkPixbuf, Cairo, Pango, ATK, GLib, GObject, GIO). These interfaces were automatically created by a python script which parses the C header files of the libraries.

gtk-fortran is under license GNU GPL version 3.

The home of the project is here :

This project is based on Tobias Burnus’ post on comp.lang.fortran newsgroup (2nd May 2007 13:10) where he gave a little example of a Fortran 2003 program creating an empty GTK window using ISO_C_BINDING. I posted a message on the 27th December 2010 and got into contact with Jerry DeLisle on the 29th. We launched together the project.